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Mirrored Bedside Tables

Mirrored Bedside Table: Eye-catching style achieved by combining old glam with modern functionality.

Our gorgeous mirrored bedside tables are the most common bedroom feature for any sophisticated interior. Mirrored side tables do not take much space and when paired up together in a set they will add a bit of glam to your bedroom. Any mirror side table can also function as lamp or sofa side table.

Worried that a mirrored table is fragile? Don't be! Our products are robust and sturdy. We also package them very carefully, so they arrive safely at your destination. Often pre-assembled for your additional convenience (depending on the piece). You will be glad to take a chance on them. Interiors InVogue offers timeless glass mirror tables that will introduce some modern glamour into your home.

Interiors InVogue design

If you're looking for a pair of bedside tables with a beautiful mirrored finish, you're in the right place. Each bedside cabinet in our range is carefully designed to match beautiful mirrored furniture sets from Hollywood, Marbella, Charleston and New York collections. We have bedside unit with drawer cabinets or shelves featuring crystal handles or brass drop hanging-knobs. There are also a couple of silver drawer bedside cabinets in our french furniture range if you prefer less reflective surfaces. No matter if you're after single or pair of mirrored bedside tables there is plenty to choose from in our online store.

Choosing the right mirrored bedside cabinet

When choosing the right mirrored bedside tables pair, you need to ask yourself whether you need storage or not. Is it a single drawer mirrored bedside that would suffice or do you need more space to put your essentials away to avoid dust accumulation. Perhaps bedside chests are not necessary, and a simple table without chests of drawers would do. Fortunately with Interiors InVogue mirrored furniture range you can choose whatever suits your needs.

Decoration tips for mirrored side tables in your bedroom

There is only one place for bedside table cabinet in your bedroom and that is, of course, next to your bed.

So here are some tips that will help you arrange your mirrored bedside, so it adds up to the overall style of your favourite room.

  • Small accessories like photo frames, silver mirrored jewellery boxes or thin flower vases will add charm to your mirrored cabinet. At the same time, small items don't take too much of the space, so your new mirrored glass bedside remains functional to put down your book, phone or hand cream before you go to sleep. Especially if you opted in for a side table that is not a bedside cabinet or doesn't have bedside drawer.
  • Colour is an important factor when styling your bedroom. Mirrored furniture allows you to change its colour perception depending on the light. For instance, your Venetian mirrored bedside tables can turn into champagne mirrored bedside tables if you change the temperature of your ceiling light replacing a cool white light bulb with a warmer yellow one.
  • Furniture pieces like our mirrored three drawer bedside look great with a retro lamp placed on top with a pile of your favourite books next to it.
  • If you've arranged your bedroom in pastel colours and shades of white mirrored bedside of any type will reflect light, adding a bit of champagne sparkle to your interior.
  • Don't forget about finishing touches - depending on bedside tables set you can have your mirrored bedside decorated with crystal handles or brass drop knobs for more vintage vibe.

mirrored bedside table

Mirrored furniture by Interiors InVogue

Our furniture feature tempered glass surfaces that are fingerprint resistant and will serve you a lifetime. Subtle reflections on our mirrored tv units, entertainment centres and other furniture pieces can beautifully blend into your home space while making your interiors appear larger. We ensure FAST delivery for FREE to UK mainland so don't wait and order your mirrored TV unit today!