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Mirrored TV Units and TV Cabinets

Mirrored TV Units chic, glamorous, yet functional furniture pieces that beautifully blend into your home decor with subtle reflections.

Interiors InVogue offers a fabulous selection of mirrored TV units from hand-picked sources and locations. A stunning vintage TV stand guarantees to add a touch of glamour to your living room. It will surely draw the attention of any guest with its stunning look. Every piece of furniture in our offer is carefully put together, so you don't have to worry about any scratches. We use toughened mirrored glass and most of our products are handmade to make sure that you enjoy their looks. If you're after a TV cabinet unit that stands out, look no more - our glass TV cabinets and stands are very different from any standard wooden furniture and will look glamorous in your well-appointed living room.

Interiors InVogue design

Some say a TV set is an electronic device nobody can live without and a TV cabinet is often the focal point of our living rooms across the UK. When designing Interiors InVogue TV stands, we asked ourselves how a functional glass TV unit should look like? Over the years, TV media units have evolved to become more than just a place to display our entertainment systems. They have become a part of the decor statement for those who care about their day to day living surroundings. At the same time, a glass TV stand is not just a decoration piece. It has to be sturdy to fit large TV screens and entertainment centres to serve its purpose. We also think it needs to represent the opposite of the more traditional and unappealing but still functional display cabinets that we all grew up with. Our customers are often saying that they are looking for an elegant or chic living room furniture that is perfectly suited to give the illusion of space and functionality.

Choosing the right glass TV cabinet

Our mirrored furniture ranges have been designed to allow you to create a unique style in your home with matching furniture pieces. You can pair your glass cabinet for TV with a mirrored coffee table from the same range! Interiors InVogue mirrored entertainment system furniture is a perfect choice if you're after shabby chic style. We also have media stands in a more contemporary style that will match more traditional chests of drawers or dining table sets if you have them in your living room.

When choosing a mirrored TV unit, keep in mind that it will speak volumes about your style and personal taste when it comes to design and decor. Make sure that you choose the right mirrored TV unit for your home. A large TV cabinet is probably not the best choice for a small space because it can make it look overcrowded. At the same time, a small TV unit in a big living space might disappear unless you place it in the right place to reflect the light. But don't worry! Just check our full range of living room storage stands for TV and media systems, and you will be able to choose a piece that will compliment your home decor.

Decoration tips for mirrored TV cabinets, TV stands and entertainment units

Have you ever spent days looking for decoration tips for styling your room with mirrored furniture? This set of tips is exactly what you need:

  • Before choosing a mirrored TV cabinet, first, ask yourself how you want the surrounding space to feel. If you want the room to feel elevated and minimal, pick a TV cabinet with clean, sharp lines from our Marbella or Holywood mirrored furniture range.
  • Do you want to play with light and colour? Choose any paint of your liking, and place your glass entertainment unit in a strategic place to reflect that colour to make the colour burst!
  • Our TV unit stands feature toughened mirrored glass so you can place your music or TV set on top without any worry. If you want to make the space around it feel more spacious, install a TV rack on the wall above the mirror glass TV stand to achieve the desired result.
  • If you are after multi-layered interior design, try mixing your existing furniture style with a couple of mirrored furniture pieces provided that there is an intent in the overall design. For example, if your spaces feature predominantly straight lines, choose Marbella media unit or Holywood Mirrored TV unit with 2 shelves and drawers. By allowing one style to dominate over your whole interior, you create a sense of balance even if you paired up your mirrored entertainment stand with a mahogany coffee table. However, a mirrored coffee table would probably match it a tiny bit better, just saying!
  • Perhaps you are a fan of the glamorous style of the 50s?! Then you must have a look at our flapper-esque glass tv units from the Charleston Range. Think vintage dresses, retro dance halls, and glamour but in this day and age updated with minimalist interiors full of whites and pastels complementing these statement pieces for a clean but chic and effortless feel. Mirrored tv units from the Charleston rage take luxury interior design and translate it into simple classic styling.

mirrored tv units

Mirrored furniture by Interiors InVogue

Our furniture feature tempered glass surfaces that are fingerprint resistant and will serve you a lifetime. Subtle reflections on our mirrored tv units, entertainment centres and other furniture pieces can beautifully blend into your home space while making your interiors appear larger. We ensure FAST delivery for FREE to UK mainland so don't wait and order your mirrored TV unit today!