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Mirrored Chest of Drawers - Large 6 Drawers, Antique Silver Shade (Charleston Range)

When designing this Large Mirrored Chest of Drawers we aimed to bring a strong identity that draws inspiration from luxurious homes and tasteful interior designs.

The role of this unbelievably versatile piece of mirrored furniture is to compliment the location, building vernacular and the requirements of your home interior:

- it features six large and deep drawers making it not just a beautiful piece but equally useful (all drawers include solid antique hanging-knobs that match its style)

- fingerprint-resistant surface keeps the glass furniture always shiny and clean without much hassle

- tempered glass top surface and panels are bevelled and will last a lifetime 

- the reflections are subtle and the mirrored chest of drawers can beautifully blend into your living room or bedroom while making your interiors appear larger

- and its unique antique silver shade finish makes it future-proof visually and stylistically

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We designed Charleston's Mirrored Chest of 6 Drawers* to combine two seemingly separate styles: Antique and Contemporary. We've achieved this unique form through the artistic combination of vintage shape and modern silver-shade finish to the glass panels.
The result is our exceptional Charleston Range that brings depth to your rooms along with classy and elegant feel found only in Higher-End interior designs.

* Charleston Range is a Trademark of our brand and sold exclusively in our store.
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Size 81cm W x 36cm D x 80.5cm H
Drawer 13cm H x 30cm W x 24cm D
Feet high 22cm
Weight 30kg
Number of drawers 6
Finish Antiqued silver
Material Wood and mirror
Assembly required No


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